Development Timeline

In 1986 in Victoria, Australia a remarkable new kerb machine was developed. The Kwik Kerb Edgemaster® machine had many innovative features which made it possible for virtually anybody to lay high quality concrete curbing.

The Edgemaster was fast and easy to use, earning it the title “The Money Machine” from industry publications.

The Edgemaster has been further developed by Kwik Kerb over the last two decades but is still the ultra reliable, highly efficient and easy to use cornerstone of every Kwik Kerb business.

The original Edgemaster machine was then combined with many tools and other supporting equipment to operate a curbing business. The Kwik Kerb trademark was also established and the basic Kwik Kerb marketing materials and methods were developed and employed to help the new business owners to get started. Kwik Kerb was  such  a  huge success  that  within  the

first year more than 50 new business owners were proudly laying kerbs in every State throughout Australia.

The first international expansion soon took place with a Kwik Kerb Distributor established in Auckland, New Zealand. Many more Kwik Kerb systems quickly crossed the Tasman to New Zealand as Kwik Kerb’s attractive concept grew in popularity.

In 1992 Kwik Kerb opened its first North American sales office with the Kwik Kerb center in Vancouver, Canada. Kwik Kerb systems were soon being shipped by the container load as Canadians and Americans took to this great new concept. North America was truly the perfect market for such a unique landscape product and a system   that   was  proven   successful  in

Australia. After much R&D, Kwik Kerb released the Eurostyle® method of curbing and a whole new era began in the curbing industry worldwide. Until 1994 nobody had offered any stamped or patterned curbing. The concept was a huge success and rapidly became the most sought after curbing in the world.

To this day, Kwik Kerb's Eurostyle remains easily the most popular curbing worldwide and although many have tried to copy it – none have managed to duplicate the beauty and simplicity of the original, stamped curbing.

In 1999 Kwik Kerb established a second North American office with the opening of it’s Orlando location in central Florida.

One of the original Kwik Kerb operators from 1988, (Mr. Gordon Buckland) along with his wife and family moved to Orlando from Australia to head up the USA expansion.

In 2002, Kwik Kerb established patents to protect its proprietary tooling to efficiently produce the new Eurobrick® curbing. This exciting new method of installing curbing which sports authentic brick mortar joints was not only faster than any other, but produced a product that nobody else could duplicate. Such innovation is the hallmark of Kwik Kerb R&D with products which clearly set Kwik Kerb business owners apart from the rest.

In recent years Kwik Kerb has enjoyed unprecedented international expansion into countries such as Brazil, France, Romania, Ireland, South Africa and the United Kingdom. With further international expansion on the horizon, the Kwik Kerb brand is going from strength to strength and continues to lead the way in an industry that thrives on innovation.